SILENT LIGHT by Jim Malone and Joan Zalenski.

Curated by Sally King

June 9 - July 7, 2018

Reception: June 9, 2018; 6 - 8pm

Curated by Sally King, SILENT LIGHT features works on paper by Jim Malone and Joan Zalenski. This exhibit merges each artist’s work, past and present, into a reflection of evolving methods of observation, technique, and renewed sense of place. Images of West Texas extend up the Rio Grande into the open skies and rugged landscape of New Mexico, connecting the viewer through the artists’ eyes to the spirit of the land itself.

A practicing artist for over 40 years in mixed media and photography, Joan Zalenski has received grants and commissions for major public art projects, which often incorporate an interactive game board format. Her work can be experienced at the Intermodal Transportation Center passenger platform in downtown Fort Worth.

In photography she is drawn to bizarre, otherworldly landscapes and remote, austere surroundings. Zalenski compels the viewer to observe a world that is altered by human use, misuse or abuse. She prints digitally or uses alternative processes (cyanotype, Vandyke brown, Platinum/Palladium), which are hand-coated emulsions printed by hand and are one of a kind.

Known for his works on paper and his landscapes of the Big Bend region, James Malone is a consummate draftsman who has worked in a variety of media and techniques over a career spanning 35 years. To create his images he uses graphite, watercolor, pen and charcoal, collage, opaque acrylic paint, wax, and thread, and even burns lines into paper using a magnifying glass. He also works with composite images of photographs. Celestial and terrestrial maps figure in many of his compositions.

Malone works intuitively in his drawings, and then looks back to find a thread of meaning, a link between imagery or ways of depicting that reveals a pattern. In this method, the work flows out of the artist instead of being forced into an analytical frame of reference.

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