The Minimalist Landscape

Christie Helm

March 3 - April 30, 2017

Reception: March 25, 2017; 6 - 9pm

With “Blooms,” I am exploring permanence and impermanence through the tender and intimate beauty of flowers. Each photo, in various stages of bloom and decay, is one hundred times enlarged from the original instant film, which I chose to reflect the gratification of saving the impermanent. The installation piece is composed of organza and satin fabric seared with candles to create petals and large flowers suspended from the ceiling to further inundate the viewer with the fleeting and transient. My work is most influenced by Dutch still life painters like Rachel Ruysch and Willem van Aelst, considering vanitas and Momento mori in the arrangement of blooms and choice of initial medium, as well as the subtlety of Cy Twombly’s “A Painting in 9 Parts.” The scale of the photographs and installation is designed to immerse the audience in softness and luminance, connected with the ephemeral. 

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