The Minimalist Landscape

Christie Helm

March 3 - April 30, 2017

Reception: March 25, 2017; 6 - 9pm

Christie Helm’s Aurora Borealis is the magnus opus of her recent response to the wide-open and sinuous light-saturated space of the Northern Lights.  Helm’s painterly response to the sky consists of a sequence of vertical straight lines, the spaces between them colored yellow against white, green against yellow then other greens--yellows again, yellows against oranges, white dominating yellow, lavender and white, yellow then blue--the full spectrum of the work consists of more than a dozen 24x48 inch panels lined up in a row. In whole, Aurora Borealis takes up the entire visual field of the space in front of one, and is, in its conception, a record of Helm’s visual and emotional response to the open space and light of the phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis.   

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