Sight-Size Still Life Workshop


Instructor Michael Pianta

June 2nd and June 3rd

9 AM to 4 PM



If you've ever wanted to paint beautiful, realistic paintings, then this workshop is for you! Students will spend two days learning the basics of the sight-size method of drawing and painting and creating a simple still-life using that method.


Sight-size is a method for producing realistic drawings and paintings by rendering the subject at exactly the size that your eyes percevie it. The sight-size method can be applied to any subject. Still life is an ideal way to learn the method because the subject never moves or changes.


Each day will begin with a demonstration explaining the sight-size method and showing artists how they can use it to improve their accuracy. After this demonstraiton, students will work on a provided still-life set up and produce their own painting with the instructor providing critiques and guidance. By the end of this workshop, students will have a grasp on the basics of the sight-size method and be able to apply these techniques in their own work. 


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